Experience with clients

ORCA has conducted qualitative and quantitative research projects for a mix of international and Afghan clientele. Some of our clients include the Gallup Organization, The US Department of State, The World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, Asian Development Bank, the Asia Foundation, University of California, Yale University, Etisalat Afghanistan, as well as various Afghan and foreign government ministries.

ORCA's partnership and expertise were essential in allowing our study to be completed on time and without incident. Their responsiveness throughout the entire survey was immediate and their commitment to quality surpassed our expectations. The team at ORCA even continued to provide insights for months after the project was completed and data was delivered.

Colleen Learch (Director of Research, InterMedia, Washington DC)

I am very satisfied with ORCA’s work. Their level of communication with us throughout the entire project is impeccable and so too is their documentation of the fieldwork process and methodology. We require 17 deliverables on top of the dataset and theirs are always very thorough, clear, and detailed.

Nicole Naurath (Sr. Consultant, Gallup Inc., USA)

We were very impressed with ORCA's ability to carry out such high level work in difficult circumstances, especially with our need to have multiple survey versions. We were able to generate a wide range of interesting findings that have now been presented at multiple universities in the United States and Europe.

Jason Lyall (Director of Undergraduate Studies, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and Faculty Associate, Macmillan Center for International and Area Studies, Yale University)

The Gallup World Poll recognizes Opinion Research Center of Afghanistan (ORCA) for outstanding communication and responsiveness in Asia and certifies that ORCA has met the highest standards in partnership through outstanding communication and responsiveness across all countries surveyed in the Asia Region of the World Poll.

Rajesh Srinivasan (Regional Research Director, Gallup Inc., USA)

Mike and I have spent the last few hours with the data, and we are very pleased with all of the hard work that you and ORCA have dedicated to this effort. You and your team have really excelled to make this a good survey-- we are totally impressed and very thankful. In fact, Mike and I have both spent a lot of time working with researchers in Latin America, Africa, and South Asia, and rarely are we this pleased.

James Long (Research Director, University of San Diego, California, USA)