The governing composition of ORCA comprises of the board of directors, the senior management, field researchers and support staff. The board of directors formulate policies to improve ORCA´s research capabilities through constant search for new ways to advance our heritage of innovation. The senior management team members are accountable for the smooth implementation and day-to-day running of research projects.

Mr. Rafiq Ullah Kakar (President)

Mr. Kakar, is the co-founder of ORCA with extensive marketing, media and opinion research in Europe and Middle East. He has managed some of the largest marketing surveys, media  and public opinion polls in Afghanistan on a wide range of issues like democracy, politics, poppy cultivation,womenrights,Afghans’attitudes towards governing institutions, child labor, and security. Prior to his work in Afghanistan, he served as National Consultant and National Project Coordinator for the United Nations Development Program. He holds degree in Computer Science from Gomal University, DI Khan, Pakistan.

Noorullah Khaliqyar (Administration and HR Director)

Mr. Khaliqyar has over 12 years experience in program administration and human resources management in Afghanistan. He has extensive experience having travelled to all the  province recruiting capable field staff as well as recruitment of the key management staff, professional IT staff, coders, data entry operators and other technical staff for the smooth operations of ORCA. He has worked as Program Officer for United Nation’s World Health Organization for the last 9 years. He completed his professional certifications from Commonwealth University and holds a degree in Technical Engineering.

Ms. Palwasha L. Kakar (Sr. Advisor)

Ms. Kakar holds a Masters Degree in Gender, Religion and Politics from Harvard University, Cambridge, U.S.A. and BA in Religion and Global Studies: Peace & Conflict from Bethel College, Newton, U.S.A. She has almost 9 years of regional work experience including Pakistan and Afghanistan on topics related to health, local governance, customary law, religious practice, conflict resolution, non-violence, political movements, social development, and kinship all with a specific focus on gender. Ms. Kakar recently led the effort to found a Gender Studies Institute at Kabul University with an emphasis on education in social science research that is much needed in Afghanistan. While she has been in Afghanistan, Ms. Kakar has done numerous research projects and has worked on several publications of which 14 have been published in the past 3 years. She has focused on social science research methods in all her research projects including work for Kabul University, the World Bank Group, CRS and AREU where she accumulated practical expertise on designing research strategies in the Afghan context. Ms. Kakar has research experience in the Afghan provinces of Kabul, Kapisa, Parwan, Nangarhar, Herat, Bamiyan, Kuduz, Takhar, and Badakhshan. Beyond Afghanistan she has experience in Pakisitan, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Egypt, United States and Canada. Apart from her extensive research experience she has managed the Gender Studies Institute at Kabul University and worked as the Director of Newton Area Peace Center in Newton, KS.

Suchitra Vijayan (Barrister-at-Law, Legal and Political Risk Consultant)

Suchitra Vijayan a graduate student at Yale studying Geo Strategy, Security, War Studies and Failed States with a regional focus on Afghanistan. Previously she graduated with LLB and European Union Law and was called to bar by the Honourable Society of Inner Temple in 2005. Since then she has worked with the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal for former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. She is the co-founder and former legal director of the Resettlement Legal Aid Project, Cairo that provides legal assistance for Iraqi refugees in Cairo. As a research fellow at the Centre for Forced Migration and Refugee Studies at the American University Cairo she focused on refugee livelihoods and micro finance models for refugee communities. Suchitra has extensive experience working in conflict and post conflict societies. Suchitra spent this summer consulting as a Political Risk and Security Consultant in Afghanistan on the countries first base line survey of mineral industries for HARAKAT and worked on her documentary project "Afghanistan: Ontology of geographical space.

Mr. Abdul. Qadeer Fitrat (Project Director)

has experience in AML Monitoring System Reviews, AML Optimization, AML Transaction monitoring look-backs, Data Analytics, Risk Scoring and Forecasting Models
He has implemented a number of survey research projects using SAS and other mining / BI tools , data analysis and processing to Telecom customer data , translating business requirements into an analytic methods , developing analysis reports , and presenting reports to end user as well as preparing sample size, statistical analysis plans, and final study report of a pivotal Phase clinical trial leading to a successful registration.

Ms. Torpekay Habibzai (Field Director)

Prior to joining ORCA, Torpekay has served several social key positions in the government of Afghanistan. After starting her career as the Headmaster and Administrator of Hayati Girls Secondary School, Ms. Habibzai served as the first elected female representative of the people in Afghanistan’s Parliament. She also became the Deputy of the third district in the Afghan capital of Kabul for 7 years where she remarkably broadens her social connections in multi-ethnic communities of Afghanistan. Extensive public support and favor towards her services to Afghans and women in particular advanced her to the Chief of Administrative Affairs in the parliament for four years starting from 1988.
In addition to her distinguished social connections, she has worked as Field Research Manager for 6 years where she has successfully executed her responsibilities in terms of recruiting male and female interviewers, supervisors, moderators and monitoring agents. She’s received field research relevant trainings and participated in international events held Germany, Bulgaria and Pakistan.


Mr. Zabihullah Usmani (Field Manager)

Mr. Usmani has 6 years extensive experience in monitoring field work in all provinces of Afghanistan. Since 2003, he has monitored the field work of numerous nation-wide media, market and opinion surveys and suggested actionable recommendations and advice for the improvement of field work upon his missions.
He has created very helpful and unique approaches on how quality field work can be achieved in the very, challenging environments of Afghanistan. He has received trainings on field monitoring in the neighboring countries with similar conditions as Afghanistan.

Mr. Mir Ahmad (Monitoring and Control Director)

Mir Ahmad has unique experience in conducting quantitative surveys in 34 of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. He has been managing a pool of over 400 interviewers, 34 supervisors and a team of up to 500 local monitoring agents across the country. He has experience in almost all the provinces, districts and villages of Afghanistan and is well-familiar with the local traditions, culture and field challenges. He holds degree in Islamic Law from Kabul University.