Field Quality Control

ORCA ensure the best quality of data gathering through the many checks and extensive monitoring that takes place throughout the process of research. We also strive for excellence in analytical methods using the most up to date tools in research analysis and innovative techniques suitable for the Afghan context. Whether the data is in quantitative or qualitative formats, ORCA will ensure that you get the highest standards. Our research goes through a process of multiple checks with parallel control group testing where needed/possible. However quality control does not end there, we take it to the next level and maintain high levels of processing to correct any errors as soon as possible in the process and finalize the report with multiple checks.

ORCA heavily invests in strong and effective state-of-the-art Monitoring and Control measures through a network of over 500 experienced, multi-ethnic and gender-balanced monitoring agents managed by 34 Provincial Monitoring and Control Supervisors covering every province of Afghanistan.

We deliver accurate results with exceptional quality and value using methods that have been practically tested and proven to work over the last 5 years for field quality control in Afghanistan. These measures include:

  • Direct monitoring during an interview
  • Back-check/control in person by a control supervisor or a control agent
  • Back-check/control from the central office

At ORCA we take all measures to make sure we deliver what we say we will.