Service Policy

We follow the universal standards for conducting surveys. If in some cases our procedures do not cover or are not applicable, we will make sure we cover your needs by expanding on our principles and procedures. Our research specialists have more than 5 years experience each in questionnaire design, field management, monitoring and controlling the field work, data entry and analysis to help you make better strategic decisions.

ORCA provides a full range of quantitative and qualitative research services. We have expertise in ad-hoc and continuous research in Afghanistan.

ORCA dedicates its full team to the smooth and successful implementation of your project. Team members personally are in contact with you from the first research brief till the final delivery. For the better implementation of your project, locally tested measures and strategies are recommended based on repeated time tested experience pertaining to Afghanistan’s conditions, cultures and post/conflict situations.

We observe our clients’ achievements as the fruit of our commitment to work as hard as possible for providing remarkable excellence in every step of the project.