Focus Group Discussions

Focus groups are important research instruments to rapidly collect qualitative data by observing the interactions in a group of respondents. ORCA has professional experience conducting high-quality focus groups with targeted audience, including men, women, literate, illiterate, key community members, parents, teachers, consumers, field interviewers, high school students and others.

In conducting a focus group, ORCA researchers

  • Select participants based on the set criteria and arrange for the comfortable gathering location
  • Identify, plan and prepare a Focus Group Discussion Guide for Moderators.
  • Guide and moderate the discussion
  • Listen to, observe, and record the group interactions (audio, video and note-taking)
  • Analyze the product of the discussion.

We recruit participants specifically for each separate group (broken down by specific characteristics (i.e. age, income, gender, race, and degree of literacy). Careful preparation of discussion guides and conduct of formal training sessions are standard procedures at ORCA. High-quality interactions provide relevant and useful information for researchers.