Social services

ORCA considers the practice of social responsibility an important component to ethical research practices in demand driven development that ORCA envisions to establish in Afghanistan. Our social responsibility goal is implement sustainable small demand driven development projects based on the needs identified by our research in those communities. These small development projects are implemented out of the 10% of our profits and community contributions.

So far, ORCA has implemented 87 small projects that have benefited thousands of men, women and children in Afghanistan. A small example is a tube-well project recently implemented in the southern Province of Nangarhar where our research discovered the main obstacle for parents not allowing their daughters to go to school as they had to walk for 6-10 Km in order to bring water, settle the mud overnight for use of their household the following day.  After the tube-well project completed successfully, we have seen girls lining up for taking clean drinking water more easily and quickly. As a follow up, we interviewed the headmistress of the school and she said that in 2 months only, 350 girls applied for admission which is a record in the history of the school.